East Africa Institute


a non-profit focusing on

Emerging Relationships In The Region of East Africa

¶Eritrea    ¶Ethiopia    ¶Somalia    ¶Sudan    ¶South Sudan    ¶Republic of Djibouti

Letter of Introduction

The focus of East Africa Institute is on the countries of Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, and the Republic of Djibouti.  Our Executive Board and Associates are all from one of these countries or have had significant life-experiences in one of them. The East Africa Institute was formed in response to the lack of accurate information and sometimes intentional mis-information about countries in the Horn of Africa.  We deeply respect the right of these countries to self-determination and we honor their rich cultural traditions. Many in the West have experienced these traditions through interface with the migrant and refugee communities. We believe that these communities can share an important role in supporting sustainable development in the Horn of Africa.  Finally, our intent is to promote peacemaking and conflict transformation in this region which has often been maligned as a harbinger of terrorism and extremism.  As the Institute grows, we will be offering consulting services to governments and agencies, accurate information, translation services in multiple languages, support for sustainable and appropriate economic development, educational services, and initiatives to promote the healing of relationships between migrant and refugee communities and their countries-of-origin.  We invite your participation if you support our mission.



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